With More Construction Downtown, Parking is scarce so avoid Parking Issues--- Renew your License Plates by:

* Mailing in your Renewal (just follow the instructions on your renewal card)

*Going Online at Drive.KY.Gov click here

*Calling in your Renewal (270-685-8434 Ext. 2) from 8:00AM until 3:00PM Monday thru Friday (At the end of the month, this service may not be available during lunch hours or the last day of each month due to the volume of customers in the office)

*Using the Automated System 24 hours a day by calling 1-877-885-3013  (You will need your vehicles title number, renewal notice amount, and credit card to process your renewal over the phone; your title number is located on your title or your old registration.)

​Renewing by Phone or using the Automated System will not be available on the Last Day of Each Month 



Voting Precincts Map

The following is a map showing voting precincts. You can enter your address at the top right to be zoomed in to your area. Click on the precinct to learn more about it.

Note: When entering your address you will need to enter the city as well as a street address.

You may also download this information as a PDF.