​Public Notice:  The Daviess County Delinquent Tax Sale will be held on:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 10:00AM. 

​Delinquent Tax Sale Information: click here     Tax Sale Registration Form:  click here

​2016 Delinquent Tax Bill List:  click here   (Tangible Tax Bills are Listed but Not for Sale)

​2015 Unmined Coal Delinquent Tax Bills:  click here

Voting Precincts Map

The following is a map showing voting precincts. You can enter your address at the top right to be zoomed in to your area. Click on the precinct to learn more about it.

Note: When entering your address you will need to enter the city as well as a street address.  Also, once you have found your address, you will need to zoom out to where you see the red outline of that precinct.  Then click inside your precinct area to get your information. 

You may also download this information as a PDF.